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I guess the word is out ... I am now able
to offer you ... web graphics for FREE.
No need for a link back ... although
I wouldn't mind if you mentioned
Mix 'n' Match Mania
some place on your site ...
'favorites', links etc.

I created this site in January '03,
when I first started creating graphics.
At the time, I was offering my very basic
background sets.  I have been growing
since then (as we all do) and have been
steadily developing my creation skills.
You will now find my themed sets at


Originally, FREE background sets
were being offered here.
I have now decided on a complete
overhaul of this website, and will now
be offering: background tiles, shiny strips
and some graphic images here.
However, I will leave the original sets ...
should anyone require something more
plain.  They do not require a link back,
and you may mix and match them ...
or alter them as you please.

I do hope you enjoy your visit,
and find something you can use.
Please come back again ... and
I would be greatly appreciative
if you would sign my guestbook.

(Thank You)

--- If you enjoy poetry ---
you can visit my poetry site by clicking below
On some of the pages, I have used lyrics.
You may also download the midi and pick up the lyrics.
If you enjoy Holidays ... you are going to like this site.


I am not aware of who created the top image
I have used. If you are that person,
or you know who this is ... please email me,
that full credit can be given ...
alternatively ... I will remove it.
(I have made alterations to suit this page)

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Graphics are by Incinn 2002

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